A Message from Millard South High School- Football games at Buell Stadium

posted Aug 29, 2017, 12:24 PM by Jamie Wingender


Millard South High School extremely excited about the start of the football season. Our students/spectators have a reputation of exhibiting great school spirit and sportsmanship at activities. We expect our students/spectators to support the Patriots in a loud and positive manner and not to belittle or taunt opposing athletes or teams.

The NSAA prohibits many activities such as the use of artificial noise makers and students/spectators entering the playing fields. In addition, Millard South and Millard Public Schools do not allow students to bring in items from outside into the stadium such as backpacks, food/drink, body paint, baby powder, beach balls, etc. Just a reminder, students are not to wear masks or have their faces fully painted. It is our goal to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all of our spectators. We have a very low tolerance for poor behaviors at school events and spectators will be escorted from the premises for certain activities including the use of profanity or throwing of any items.

Each year, we like to set a positive tone and also remind our students and parents of the district’s strict position on the use of alcohol and drugs. Please be aware that at any school function or activity we reserve the right to screen every student as they enter or leave a school activity.


Millard South High School