Dismissal Procedure

How can I arrange to have my student excused for an appointment?

Should your child need to leave during the school day, please use the following procedure so we can create the

least disruption of the learning environment, while at the same time creating a smooth and timely pick up for you:

1. Call the Attendance office at least 90 minutes in advance of your child’s departure time – this gives the

office plenty of time to locate your child in between class periods to give them their dismissal pass. This

process will eliminate the interruption of the class and teacher.

2. Your child’s pass will allow your student to leave class approximately 5 minutes before the designated

pick-up time.

3. Your child can show the pass to his or her teacher at the time indicated on the pass, drop materials off

at their locker, and then proceed to the office to check out. If we have advance notification of a

departure, your child will be able to show the pass to office staff, sign themselves out in the main office,

and meet you outside.

4. Passes cannot be issued without permission from a parent.