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Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal
Health Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Band Teacher
6B Ancient Civilizations Teacher
Food Service
Reading Interventionist
Food Service
Behavior Interventionist
Computer & Information Systems Teacher
8A Math Teacher
8B History and Law & Public Service Teacher
8A ELA Teacher
SBS Paraprofessional
7A World Geography and Law & Public Service Teacher
EL Teacher
Behavior Skills Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher
6B Science Teacher
Media Specialist / Librarian
7A Science & HAL Elective Teacher
Night Custodian
7B World Geography Teacher
7C Math Teacher
World Language Teacher
6C Math Teacher
Social Worker
School Nurse
8A History Teacher
7C Resource Teacher
7th Grade Counselor - 2023 -2024
Head Custodian
Speech Language Pathologist
EL Teacher
8C ELA & Young Adult Literature Teacher
Resource Paraprofessional
Orchestra Teacher
6A Ancient Civilizations Teacher
8th Grade Counselor - 2023 - 2024
HAL Facilitator
8B Math Teacher
P.E. Teacher
7B ELA & Young Adult Literature Teacher
Food Service
6B ELA Teacher
6B Resource Teacher
Food Service
Counseling Paraprofessional
7C Science & STEM Teacher
Art, Print-Making Fibers, Painting, Drawing, & Pottery Teacher
7C ELA & Creative Writing Teacher
Attendance Secretary
8B Science & STEM Teacher
7C World Geography Teacher
7B Math Teacher
7A ELA Teacher
SBS Para-Professional
6C Ancient Civilizations and Law & Public Service Teacher
6th Grade Counselor - 2023 - 2024
Food Service Manager
Building Engineer
8B ELA Teacher
Vocal Music
Office Paraprofessional
8C History & Creative Writing Teacher
7B Science Teacher
PM Building Maintenance
6A Science & STEM Teacher
School Resource Officer (SRO)
8C Math Teacher
SBS Para-Professional
Volunteer Coordinator/Para-Professional
Spanish Teacher
6B Math Teacher
7A Math Teacher
8C Science & Money Management Teacher
MPS Secondary EL Facilitator
8A Science Teacher
6C ELA & Young Adult Literature Teacher
Food Service
P.E. Teacher
6A ELA Teacher
Principals's Secretary
Nurse Paraprofessional
Technology Facilitator
Childcare/Foods/Nutrition, Food/Nutrition/Family Connection, Integrated Learning Labs, & Health Teacher
Media Paraprofessional
Skilled & Technical Sciences, Engineering & Design Teacher
6C/7A Resource Teacher
6A Math Teacher
Food Service
6C Science, Creative Writing, & Building Web Page Initiator
EL Para-Professional
Resource Paraprofessional
School Psychologist