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Assistant Principal
Health Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Band Teacher
SBS Paraprofessional
6B Ancient Civilizations & Creative Writing Teacher
Food Service
Reading Interventionist
Food Service
Behavior Interventionist
Classroom Paraprofessional
Computer & Information Systems Teacher
8A Math Teacher
8B History and Law & Public Service Teacher
7B Science Teacher
Resource Paraprofessional
7A World Geography and Law & Public Service Teacher
ELL (English Language Learner) Teacher
Behavior Skills Classroom Teacher, Special Education Teacher
6B Science Teacher
Media Specialist / Librarian
7A Science & HAL Elective Teacher
Night Custodian
Assistant Principal
7B World Geography Teacher
7C Math Teacher
6A Ancient Civilizations Teacher
German & French Teacher
6C Math Teacher
Social Worker
School Nurse
8A History Teacher
7C Resource Teacher
6th Grade Counselor - 2022 - 2023
6B Math Teacher
Head Custodian
Speech Language Pathologist
SBS Para-Professional
6A ELA Teacher
8C ELA & Young Adult Literature Teacher
Resource Paraprofessional
Orchestra Teacher
7th Grade Counselor - 2022 - 2023
HAL Facilitator
8B Math Teacher
Vocal Music
P.E. Teacher
7B ELA & Young Adult Literature Teacher
Food Service
Resource Paraprofessional
PM Building Maintenance
6B ELA & HAL Elective Teacher
6B Resource Teacher
8B Resource Teacher
Food Service
Counseling Paraprofessional
7C Science & STEM Teacher
Art, Print-Making Fibers, Painting, Drawing, & Pottery Teacher
7C ELA & Creative Writing Teacher
Attendance Secretary
8B Science & STEM Teacher
7C World Geography Teacher
7B Math Teacher
7A ELA Teacher
SBS Para-Professional
6C Ancient Civilizations and Law & Public Service Teacher
8th Grade Counselor - 2022 - 2023
Food Service Manager
Building Engineer
8B ELA Teacher
PAC Room Paraprofessional
8C History & Creative Writing Teacher
6A Science & STEM Teacher
School Resource Officer (SRO)
EL Para-Professional
Volunteer Coordinator/Para-Professional
Spanish Teacher
7A Math Teacher
ELL (English Language Learner) Teacher
8C Science & Money Management Teacher
8A Science Teacher
6C ELA & Young Adult Literature Teacher
8A ELA Teacher
Food Service
8C Math Teacher
Office Paraprofessional
Principals's Secretary
P.E. Teacher
Nurse Paraprofessional
Technology Facilitator
Childcare/Foods/Nutrition, Food/Nutrition/Family Connection, Integrated Learning Labs, & Health Teacher
Media Paraprofessional
Skilled & Technical Sciences, Engineering & Design Teacher
6C/8A Resource Teacher
6A Math Teacher
Food Service
6C Science & Building Web Page Initiator
PAC (Positive Action Classroom) Teacher
School Psychologist